Read Together with your kids

Read Together with your kids

Reading is known to have many benefits, including slowing cognitive decline, removing stress, and boosting memory and vocabulary. Do keep in mind that some of these benefits may be lost if you read on a tablet. Device screens are known to effect sleep quality, and may also cause stress in the system. So pick up a good book and encourage your child to do so too. Here’s Sadhguru’s insight on how reading enhances the mind’s functioning.

Sadhguru: Reading as a habit and as a culture must be nurtured. The impact of reading is very different from watching videos or playing computer games. It exercises your mind and insight in a completely different way. Audio-visual media can be very educative and it is powerful in its own way, but reading has more intricacy and depth to it. There is more profoundness to reading compared to watching a cinema or something else.

If the larger public was reading more than what they are doing right now, if they just sat down, focused on something and read, they would be much quieter, more thoughtful and would look at life with a little more depth because it is a kind of dharana [one of the eight limbs of yoga]. You are remaining focused on something – that is dharana. It definitely enhances the way your mind functions. I think in today’s society, with the fascination for electronics overtaking everything else, it is very important that we don’t lose the culture of reading.

People have lost the intricacy of looking at life with more depth. There is no profoundness to life. People look at everything on the surface and I think that is encouraged by audio-visual media. I am not against it because it is a great media by itself, but I don’t think it is a substitute for reading.


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