One Dark Cloud: A Counting Book

Shobha Viswanath
Illustrated by: 
Ashwathy P.S. & Anusha Sundar
Toronto, ON: Annick Press, 2018
32 pp., board book, $14.99
Review by: 
Dave Jenkinson 

Fly, Little Fish !




What Little Fish wants to do more than anything in this world is fly. Dissuaded but not discouraged by those around her, she flaps her tiny fins and practices jumping. But can Little Fish ever expect to take flight? A sublimely delightful tale by Lavanya Karthik with strikingly patterned illustrations by Satwik Gade and Ashwathy P.S. ‘Fly, Little Fish!’ is an ode to the soaring possibilities of perseverance.


‘Sky’s the limit’ is what my parents told us, whenever I was engulfed by self-doubt. But times have changed, I will instead tell my kids that, ‘There absolutely is no limit’. And that’s what this book laced with colorful illustrations sets out to tell young mind.

The book has an extremely attractive cover page and entices kids to pick it up from the book shelf. With its hard cover, the book is still light and easy to manage.

‘Fly, Little Fish’ is a book for little minds just beginning to read short phrases and sentences. Even if your kid does not read yet, like mine they can definitely enjoy the beautiful illustrations tell a story on their own.

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