About Make Them Read!!!

Make Them Read is an interesting and need-of-the-hour venture focusing primarily on providing regional and multilingual books for children of all ages. With a diversified range of gadgets available at the kids’ disposal, inculcating the habit of reading has never been more important. In addition, easy access to international books and content has rendered parents in a perpetual search of vernacular and Indian-based books. Make Them Read aims at being the one-stop shop for providing all Indian-based books to its young readers. Mythology, comics, mystery, fables; all in your native languages!
This Singapore-based Management professional is also your everyday parent; constantly worried at seeing his daughter’s focused attention on the mobile phone. In his words: “I have spent a considerable period of my childhood reading books. Be it Amar Chithra Katha series, the fun tales of Tenali Raman or mythological books like the Ramayana, I can vouch that these books played a positive part in shaping my growing up period. Today, as a parent, it bothers me when I see my kid spending more time with the electronic gadgets than these treasure troves. And adding to my misery is the dearth of easily-accessible vernacular books. I am worried she may not relate to her Indian roots and may not get to enjoy the rich composition of our native books. This concern of mine led to the birth of Make Them Read.”