One Dark Cloud + Fly Little Fish (Bundle Promo)

One Dark Cloud + Fly Little Fish (Bundle Promo)

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Book Title One Dark Cloud + Fly Little Fish (Bundle Promo)
Type Picture Books


One Dark Cloud is a book from Karadi Tales, designed for early readers. This counting book is modeled by Shobha Viswanath and illustrated by Ashwathy P.S and Anusha Sundar.

Knowing the creative work of the illustrator from a previous Karadi Tales favourite Fly, Little Fish!, the bar for One Dark Cloud was definitely high.The book sure did not fail the benchmark. The inclusion of samosas and the reflection on water is a mesmerizing idea. I must also mention the beautifully designed paper boats and the patterned art frames. The ambiance inside the book is breathtaking. Of course you get nothing but the best when great minds are at work.

Beautiful textures

Kids will love these big pages of clear bold numbers, simple sentences and lots of colors. I loved that the illustrations could easily tell textures apart even on the same base. Isn't that genius? The book bears the effect of an art with mixed medium.

Each page helps picture a rainy day to perfection. , gradually from setting the stage with the appearance of a dark cloud, through final emergence of a dazzling rainbow. The book is so vivid that it all but brings you the petrichor. Is there anything as lovely as the smell of the rain on the earth? Oh how wish it was a scented book! For someone like me who enjoys a geography that constantly drizzles in summer and greets with sleet in winter, this book is a treat.


Fly, Little Fish! - Book Review

posted by Gomathi Kannan, January 22, 2018

Fly, Little Fish! written by Lavanya Karthik, illustrated by Satwik Gade and Ashwathy P.S and published by Karadi Tales is a great addition to your child's bookshelf.

To Dream


Dreams have always expanded our understanding of reality by challenging the boundaries of the 'real' and the 'possible'.


We all want our kids to be extraordinary performers, but do we give them the freedom to explore beyond limitations? Are we nurturing their dreams? Can we achieve something without daring to be different?

About Fly, Little Fish!


"Fly, Little Fish!" is an answer to this debate. The book speaks of a little fish who wants to fly and try to explore the limitless sky. When his fellow sea creatures hear of it, they dissuade the little one. Did the little fish submit to reality and forgo it's dream?


Author Lavanya Karthik along with illustrators Satwik Gade and Ashwathy P.S succeeded in materializing a fantastic picture book that is packed with complex concepts rightly placed for easy understanding. The book is sure to encourage young minds to dream, dare and deliver!



The most lovable part was the climax of the book, which explains 'Inspiration'. When I read the title of the book 'Fly, Little fish' and asked my 3 yr old 'Can fish fly?' , he replied "No Amma".After reading the book I asked, Can a fish fly? He said, "Yes if it tries to swim it can!" That is the impact of the book.


A great combination of fantasy, motivation, and perseverance for a beginner level reader.